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Our research is mainly carried out at the electron storage ring ASTRID2 in Aarhus. We have built up the beamline SGM-3 which takes its light from ASTRID2's undulator. The experimental station is equipped with two spectrometers for angle-resolved photoemission (VG ARUPS 10 and Specs Phoibos 150). One is mounted on a motorized goniomter inside the chamber and a second one is fixed on the chamber. The set-up is also equipped with a preparation chamber and it offers the possibility to cryo-cool the sample.

The figure shows the surface state dispersion of Au(111) measured with the Specs Phoibos analyzer. In combination with the SGM-3 beamline, this analyzer permits measurements with excellent energy resolution (< 10 meV) and angular resolution (< 0.15 deg).