accidents  - common mistakes


The trouble with UHV is that it always is a big deal to fix something inside the chamber. Not only can things be very expensive, it also takes at least a couple of days if you have to vent the system, fix things, pump it down and bake it out again.

So here is some advice on avoiding mistakes which lead to the destruction of items in the chamber.

  1. Bullet Many routine processes, such as sputtering the sample, involve important steps which must not be forgotten, like turning off pumps, closing valves and so on. Make a checklist of all the things which need to be done and go through the list every time. It is irritating to do this but it works, especially when you are tired. What works in surgery and aviation also works in UHV...

  2. BulletWhen you move anything in the chamber (manipulator, dosers, samples), it is a good rule to always look inside at the thing you are moving while you are moving it.

list to be extended....

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