angle valve


Right angle valves are often used to control different possibilities of pumping a UHV system. For example, you can have a right angle valve on the chamber, evacuate the chamber with an external pumping station and then close the valve, continue pumping the chamber with an ion pump and remove the pumping station.

Right angle valves come in two varieties, all-metal or with a non-metal seal inside. In the all metal version the sealing is achieved by pressing a soft metal part (often copper) in a harder metal. The soft metal part can usually be exchanged, as it is easily damaged by over tightening the valve (use a torque wrench!). However, an all-metal valve can be baked to higher temperatures.

The picture shows a right angle valve such that you can see its operating principle. When looking through the side flange, you see a flexible bellows inside which is used to open and close it when rotating the screw at the top.



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