Our research is mainly carried out at the electron storage ring ASTRID2 in Aarhus. We have built up the beamline SGM-3 which takes its light from ASTRID2’s undulator. The experimental station is equipped with a spectrometer for angle-resolved photoemission (Specs Phoibos 150) and a sample manipulator with six degrees of freedom and cooling to a base temperature of 30 K. The set-up is further equipped with a preparation chamber, an MBE chamber and further analytical tools, such as STM and LEED.

The figure below shows the surface state dispersion of Au(111) measured with the Specs Phoibos analyzer. In combination with the SGM-3 beamline, this analyzer permits measurements with excellent energy resolution (< 10 meV) and angular resolution (< 0.15 deg).

Electronic transport properties are investigated by micro four-point probes (or actually 12 point probes) in ultra high vacuum. The figure shows such a probe. The spacing between the innermost contacts is only 500 nm. The probes have been developed in collaboration with Nanotech at DTU and Capres A/S.

The structure of solid surfaces is investigated using a CCD-based, high precision, wide range LEED system built up by Anders Mikkelsen and David Adams.