Philip Hofmann’s research group at Aarhus Univeristy

We are studying the electronic structure of solids, their surfaces and  of two-dimensional materials using  angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES). Special emphasis lies on high-resolution ARPES using our beamline SGM-3 at the synchrotron radiation source ASTRID2 in Aarhus, but we are also heavily involved in other ARPES experiments, exploring the novel approaches of time-resolved ARPES and nanoARPES.

contact data

Name: Philip Hofmann
Title: Professor, Dr. rer. nat., Dr. scient.
Address: Department of Physics and Astronomy
VILLUM Centre of Excellence for Dirac Materials
Aarhus University
Ny Munkegade 120
DK-8000 Århus C
email philip_at_