invited talks

invited talks at conferences and workshops

DanScatt annual meeting, Aalborg, June 2023

International Symposium Ultrafast Dynamics and Ultrafast Bandgap Photonics, Heraklion, June 2023

Workshop on Ultrasensitive Biomagnetometers with Macro to Nano Resolution, Copenhagen, June 2023


Workshop OSS2022 Unconventional transport in superconducting and magnetic systems with spin-orbit coupling, Vietri sul Mare, November 2022

IX Ultrafast Dynamics Georgetown University Workshop, Washington DC, November 2022

European XFEL user meeting (online), January 2022

Workshop in Light-Matter Interaction in Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Materials, Stockholm, April 2022

International Workshop on strong correlations and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (CORPES), online, July 2022

82th Physical Electronic Conference, Chicago, June 2022

International School and Workshop on Electronic crystals (ECRYS 2022), Cargese, August 2022


ARPES in Sweden, KTH (online), October 2021


Workshop on Dynamic Dirac Quantum Matter, Jacksonville Beach, December 2019

Conference on Advances in Electron Spectroscopy – Experiment and Theory (AESET 2019), Dresden, April 2019


4th European Workshop on Epitaxial Graphene and 2D Materials, Salamanca, May 2018

International Conference on novel 2D materials explored by SPM, San Sebastian June 2018

Dynamic Quantum Matter, Nordita, Stockholm, December 2018


Workshop on Time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, ELETTRA, Trieste, January 2017

2nd International Symposium on the Science and Technology of 2D Materials, Orlando, February 2017

MAX IV user meeting, Lund, March 2017Functional Topological and Dirac matter (QMFTD) workshop, Zurich, May 2017

10th international Symposium on Ultrafast Surface Dynamics, Inzell, June 2017

International Conference on the Formation of Semiconductor Interfaces, Hannover, July 2017 (keynote)

19. Tagung Festkörperanalytik, Chemnitz, July 2017

Fundamental Optical Processes in Semiconductors, Stevenson, August 2017

E-MRS Annual Meeting, Warsaw, September 2017

FISMAT 2017, Trieste, October 2017

Workshop on Functional Dirac Materials, Stockholm, November 2017


612. WE-Heraeus-Seminar on ‘Electrons and phonons: Interfaces and interactions, Bad Honnef, April 2016

Workshop on Opportunities for New X-Ray Sources to Shed Light on Mesoscale Functional Materials, Santa Fe, July 2016

Exciting Workshop, Humboldt University Berlin, August 2016

2nd Conference on Actinide Physics and Chemistry, Chengdu, August 2016

Fysikdagarna 2016, Götheborg, October 2016

American Vacuum Society Symposium, Nashville, November 2016


Spring meeting of the German Physical Society (DPG), Berlin, March 2015

Workshop on Quantum and Dirac Materials for Energy Applications, Santa Fe, March 2015

Spin-Orbit in Surface and Interface States (SOCSIS-2015), Spetses, June 2015.

8th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies, Singapore, June 2015

International Workshop on strong correlations and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (CORPES), Paris, July 2015

European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS), Barcelona, August 2015

Nordita workshop Physics of Interfaces and Layered Structures, August 2015

International Conference on Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy, Stony Brook, September 2015.

International Workshop on Many-Body-Effects in Graphene, Gotheborg, October 2015

9th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Devices, Jeju Island, December 2015

25th Femtolab National Symposium, Aarhus, December 2015


41st Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces (PCSI-14), Santa Fe, January 2014.

Physics Summer School, Universidade Estadual de Campinas – UNICAMP, Campinas, February 2014

HISOR User Meeting, Hiroshima, March 2014

International Conference on Superconductivity and Magnetism (ICSM2014), Antalya, May 2014

QTS-6 workshop Aarhus, June 2014

International Conference on Solid Films and Surfaces (ICSFS-17), Rio de Janeiro, September 2014

European Vacuum Congress (EVC-13), Aveiro, September 2014

Meeting of the Centre of Excellence for Nano-Structured Graphene, Hvalsø, November 2014


EMN West meeting, Houston, January 2013.

European Workshop on Epitaxial Graphene (EWEG), Aussois, January 2013.

Workshop New Trends in Topological Insulators, Barcelona, June 2013.

European Conference on Atoms, Molecules and Photons (ECAMP 11), Aarhus, June 2013.

DIAMOND user meeting, Didcot, September 2013.

19th International Vacuum Congress (IVC-19), Paris, September 2013.

Kickoff meeting of the Schwerpunktprogramm SP1666 of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Germany, October 2013

Annual Meeting of the Danish Physical Society, Copenhagen, November 2013.


CECAM workshop on “Topological Materials”, Bremen, August 2012.

3rd Symposium on carbon nanonmaterials (Carbonhagen), Copenhagen, August 2012.

European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS-29), Edinburgh, September 2012.

MAX IV user meeting, Lund, September 2012.

WPI-AIMR workshop on Topological Functional Materials and Devices, Sendai, November 2012.


Spring-Meeting of the German Physical Society, Dresden, March 2011.

Interdisciplinary Surface Science Conference (ISSC-18), Warwick, April 2011.

International Workshop on Angle-resolved Photoemission, Diamond Light Source, Oxford, June 2011.

28th European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS-28), Wroclaw, August 2011.

Joint Annual Meeting of the Swiss and Austrian Physical Societies, Lausanne, June 2011.

E-MRS Fall Meeting, Warsaw, September 2011.


10th Workshop on Electronic, Transport and Optical Properties of low-dimensional materials, Valencia, May 2010.

Passion for Knowledge Workshop, San Sebastian, September 2010.

15th International Conference on Solid Films and Surfaces, Beijing, October 2010.


Ab-initio approaches to electron-phonon coupling and superconductivity (EPh2007), San Sebastian-Donostia, May, 2007.


Workshop on quantum properties in low dimensions, Å, August 2006.

13th International Conference on Solid Films and Surfaces, San Carlos de Bariloche, November 2006.


European Conference of Surface Science (ECOSS), Berlin, September 2005.

Frühjarstagung der DPG, Regensburg, March 2004.

ELETTRA user meeting, Trieste, December 2001.


March Meeting of the American Physical Society, Los Angeles, March 1998.


Vth European Conference on Surface Crystallography, Kloster Banz, May 1995.


Workshop on Photoelectron Diffraction, Gwatt, March 1993.Ch